Thermoweb Opal Deco Foil two ways

Using Blanco transfer gel over ink blending

My first card I ink blended the entire background using Taylored Expressions Strawberry Milkshake, Sprinkles and Potato Chip inks.

then I used Blanco transfer gel and the TE bunny stencil. I carefully removed the stencil and immediately washed it with warm soapy water. Then set the panel aside to dry.

once dry I heated up my laminator and used the Opal foil. Because I used Blanco gel the bunnies are opalescent white. If I would have used the Thermoweb Duo they would have been opalescent but the ink blending would show through. My next card will show that look.

Opal foil using Duo transfer gel

For this card I started ink blending through the stencil leaving the background white. I used the same ink colors as the first card. next I wiped the stencil clean with a microfiber cloth while it was still on my card panel. Then I used Thermoweb Duo transfer gel and applied it through the stencil over my ink blended bunnies. Again I carefully removed the stencil and washed it immediately and set the panel off to dry.

Once dry I heated up my laminator and used the Opal Foil. This time the bunnies are colorful and opalescent. This Thermoweb Opal foil is so beautiful and perfect for all your Spring projects. Thank you for stopping❤️

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